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Book A Legend Company Service Offerings

Communication Strategy Development

Create and develop content as well as the communication strategy (i.e. media platforms)

Campaign Planning

Provide clear structure, intent & life-cycle of campaigns

Media Training

Coaching of Legends on certain topics/marketing of various products.

Our Legend Service Offerings

Advertorial Work

Are you looking for sporting legends to assist with your advertorial work? You can now book them in an instant!


Legends: 20

Awareness Campaigns

Would you like to boost the awareness of your brand? Book a Legend from our Portfolio today!


Legends: 28

Business Consulting

Needing advice and guidance on some business insights, decision making or financial well-being? View some of our Legends who are well versed and business savvy.

Legends: 12

Coaching Clinics

Always had that passion for sport and wanting to master the art of execution? You can now book our Legends for their professional advice in your sport of choice.

Legends: 33

Corporate Events

You hosting a major corporate event and have important clients present? Why not Book A Legend & give your event that extra gloss of star power!

Legends: 27

Corporate Social Investment

Working on projects in your community & beyond to give back? Why not get a helping hand from one of our Legends to assist with your giving back and/paying-it-forward initiatives?

Legends: 9

Fitness Consulting

Thinking of setting new fitness goals? Book A Legend and get them to assist with your fitness goals.



Legends: 28

Golf Day

Taking a few clients for a round of golf? Why not have one of our sporting Legends join your four-ball?

Legends: 23


Are you looking to market your product, services or brand on media platforms? Book one of our Legends today and have them become the face of your brand.

Legends: 24

Master of Ceremonies

Searching for a Master of Ceremonies? We have a wide range of sporting legends you can select from who can fulfil your required MC duties at your event.

Legends: 15

Motivational Speaking

With so much going on in the world we can all do with a dose of motivation. Inspire & motivate your staff by letting them hear inspiring stories & captivating stories, as told by their sporting Legends.

Legends: 30

Personal Events

Have something to celebrate? Invite your favourite sporting Legend(s) to say a few words!




Legends: 24


Improve the experience of your restaurant. Book a Legend today and have them welcome guests and say a few words.




Legends: 2

Stadium Box Appearances

You have a box at a sports ground and are thinking of way of improving the experience of your guests? Why not Book A Legend to mingle with your guests & improve their overall event experience.

Legends: 24

Video Conferencing

Hosting a Video Conference or Webinar? Book a Legend today and get them to join in and say a few words related to the topic of discussion.

Legends: 17

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