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Ashley Govender

Ashley Govender


Today, we’re putting the spotlight on one of our Directors, Ashley Govender, who is an accomplished Senior Sales and Business Executive. Ashley primarily oversees Book A Legend’s finance, additionally wearing an operations and governance hat. 

Having known to possess an ability to bring people together to achieve common objectives, it explains why those who have worked with him describe him to be the “glue” amongst his network of people. Ashley’s passion for people and technology truly aligns with Book A Legend’s core mission. Here, he shares a few things about the brand…

What inspired you and your partners to create Book A Legend? 

Three things, primarily – sport, technology and connecting with people.

Give us an idea of what you believe Book A Legend will look like in the next three years… 

A household name that many South Africans trust and appreciate. A trustworthy marketing platform, assisting a large fraction of South Africa’s retired and active sports professionals to market themselves outside of their preferred codes.  

Essentially, an organisation that people think of first, when sport and businesses are engaging.

In a simple term, can you describe your business model? 

A platform that efficiently and effectively connects sporting icons with the community.

How will SA’s sports professionals benefit from registering on Book A Legend? 

It affords them an extended reach of network and helps them build their personal brand. They can visit to register their profiles – it’s free.

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