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At Book A Legend we have a shared passion for bringing people together through technology. This passion was born out of our own infatuation with sport, entertainment and technology. We understand that we have been blessed with growing up in environments where sports and entertainment Legends were held in high regard; and after trying to figure out how one would connect with these Legends we came to the realisation that this was not such a straight-forward task. It was this realisation and gap in the market that gave birth to Book A Legend. 

At Book A Legend we provide Legends with a free platform where they can market themselves (and their services) to the general public. It’s also through this platform that passionate fans who wish to make use of these Legends’ services & talents have access to them. This online platform gives people the ability to connect with Legends in an instant as well as the means to book them for special events. Whether you are looking for stars and/legends to make up your 4-Ball, be motivational speakers, conduct MC duties, execute voice-overs, entertain your customers, fulfil DJ responsibilities, or to partake in advertorial work look no further than Book A Legend.



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